Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Meet AnnaBella

Meet AnnaBella

Oh my goodness... I just realized that I have not written in this blog since March of 2013.  Geez, time really passes quickly when you are having fun.  I took up a new hobby or two or three... all probably to avoid writing.  Writing is my passion and the thing that I avoid most in my life.  I have probably said that every time I post here.  But it's okay.    Until I can move past what ever it is blocks me from writing I will not write. Over the past couple of years I have learned to let go and accept what I can't change... not to be so hard on myself.

The fact is that I recently got a pup.  The shelter in the area brings dogs in from a kill shelter in another state every month or so.  I kept checking in with them... looking for just the right dog-- tiny, quiet, loveable pup.  Of course, i just couldn't make up my mind and I would leave by myself.  I have always had other's dogs... those left by my kids when they couldn't keep them any longer for whatever reason... a grey hound I found and when I located her owners they said I should keep her they didn't want her. Through all the years I have never had my own dog. 

As i thought about getting a dog... I bought dog books...tons of dog books.  Watched hours and hours of Cesar Millan. I was going to do it right and have the best behaved and respectful dog.  Once more I go off to the shelter.  

There I am at the shelter and the pens are closed off from the public isolating the new arrivals.  I stop a woman to ask when the pups will be available to see and she happens to be the director and before I could say yay or neigh -- I had a dog.  A terrier mix of some kind-- a female, 5 months old, about 6 pounds.  Off we go, me and the new pup, to shop for needed toys, food, treats and, of course, a crate.  It was a bit overwhelming.  I mean, really, the things they have for dogs these days. 

Pup sat up proudly riding around in the cart while I filled it with goodies. We just had to have Kong binkie and Kong goodie bone, a bouncy spiney ball, and several soft fluffy squeaky weird shaped toys, and none that looked like living things to attack.  Let's not forget the shampoo... vanilla smelling, and tooth paste...stuff to keep ears clean. And, the treats-- low calorie treats and peanut butter and molasses treats and dog bone shaped treats, and we wander up and down and through the isles and isles of various brands of dog food.  We decide, pup and I, on Blue Buffalo puppy food.  Finally loaded down, we happily headed for home. 

Two weeks later we go off to the vet and I boast at how well-behaved she is... she waits at the door, walks on the leash, gives paw, sits and stays. Rings the bell when she needs to go out.   I am just beside myself as how quickly she learns.  Then the vet says... well, they usually are well behaved in the first few weeks but  you might see a change.  Not my little one, I think to myself... she is perfectly well behaved.  
I am "leader of the pack." 

Two months have passed now and suddenly my quiet abode is littered with torn and chewed up socks, dog hair, stained carpets, and the loud sounds of squeaking toys.  And  I hear Cesar Millan's voice echoing in my head "exercise, discipline, and affection" "remember to stay calm and assertive."  And, yes, of course the "no touch, no talk, no eye contact."  Try to tell that one to neighbors and everyone who just thinks she's the cutest thing they've ever seen as they make sure she is over excited and  jumping all over them. And, did I mention, she leaps straight up and over tall boulders and couches, her pretty blue crate, chairs and tables.  

But when the hush of night settles in and darkness blankets my corner of the world, I sit in my rocker and she climbs into my lap to fall asleep -- I know everything is in it's right place.  It's all okay... just perfect-- just the way it is.


"One of the most obvious ways dogs can improve our physical and mental health is via daily walks."~~ Andrew Weil

"I was a dog in a past life.   Really, I'll be walking down the street and dogs will do a sort of double take. Like, Hey, I know him." ~~William H. Macy

"The dog is a reflection of your energy, of your behavior.  You have to ask, "What am i doing?" That's the right question to ask."~~ Cesar Millan

"We're the only species who follow unstable leaders.  this is true - it has little to do with America - around the world, pack leaders are unstable.  Animals don't follow that." ~~Cesar Millan

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