Saturday, February 17, 2018

Slow going....

Been dragging my feet with this class lately.  I just completed lesson 8 and 9.  What happens to me is that Judy Blume's lecture is so engaging I end up staring off thinking nothing in particular. For me, her reflecting is done with such honesty and candor that I am left in awe and at a loss for words.  We are so used to hiding our real feelings or being worried about what someone will say or think about us that we hold back.  Judy Blume seems to have conquered that fear.  Course, she has written about 50 books so she is probably use to positive and negative comments.  When I grew up we learned early that there are things you just don't talk about.  Certainly, Judy Blume is from that same sort of generation, so how did she over come that fear.  Probably by writing and writing and writing and definitely not shrinking from the subject matter.

In lesson eight, Judy Blume shares the process of writing her novel "In the Unlikely Event".  She shares how she merges real events of the past with the fictive aspects of her story.  She shared those personal events so you can see how they were interwoven with her imagination.  In lesson nine, she shared some of  the ways she builds her characters into the fictions. She read from her notebooks and talked about in what ways her notes made it into the story and how and why they were left out.  It seemed to me that through her notes and notebooks she was getting to know the background of her characters and as they came to life in her mind she formed a story about one aspect of their lives.

I bought "In the Unlikely Event" because after her lecture I needed to read the novel to experience first hand the way the real and the imagination merge together for her. It is a fascinating story about three airplane crashes in small community in New Jersey.  The events really happened in the 1950s and the story deals with how it impacts the lives of the young adults in the community.   I am probably not going to write for children, though I never quite know what will come from my  imagination, but this class is a gem in understanding one gifted writers process.

I must admit I have not felt inspired to do the assignments from these two lessons.  I just haven't felt the desire to jot ideas for stories in a notebook or write a childhood memory.  One can't help but reflect on the past after listening to the lecture but the type of assignments are not story writing and more about jotting down memories and ideas.  I suppose I could write a short memory--maybe I should.  The other struggle I have is trying to figure out where to post the assignments.  It's sort of a mishmash and no real order to where they go.   Some are posting short clips of something they are working on and asking for feedback.  For some reason I am not always comfortable just posting my writing out there.  Maybe I need to get over it.

If you like writing and have an inkling to listen to some wonderful lectures.  You won't be disappointed in Judy Blume's Masterclass.
Or check out her website: Judy Blume

Disclaimer:  I do not receive any payment for blogging about MasterClass or Judy Blume. 

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