Wednesday, February 7, 2018

First Assignment submitted

I have just spent days editing and rewriting my first assignment for the Judy Blume MasterClass.  I can't stop editing. It's an obsession.  Today, I published my assignment in the "HUB".  It is like sending your child off for the first day of school.  The "Hub" is what they call the space where we publish and meet and greet and critique other class participant's work.  It took me a while to figure out how to post.   I am pretty computer savvy--so, I'm not sure why I struggled.  Evidently, you have to create a new topic otherwise you would be publishing as a reply in another person's assignment.  It looks like people have done that and probably because they were just as confused as I as to how to post.

It'snowing.  We are expecting a storm that will get heavy at times.  It's a really fine snow right now.  I remember my grandparents saying that it's the fine snow flakes that turn into a really big storm.  The birds are busy at the feeder.  They are probably filling their bellies so they can hide out in their nests.  I never knew that birds used their nests in the winter.  One year, we had a nest near the sliding door.  I happened to be opening the door for something and two little birds picked up their heads and looked at me.  They were cuddled inside that nest keeping warm.  They didn't fly away but tucked back down inside.

It is a relief to have that first assignment done.  I will now take a day off and tomorrow I will tackle the third assignment.  I believe it has two parts. Right now I am going to exercise.  I do the"Walk a Mile" with Leslie Sansone.  She put a New Year challenge on Youtube.  This is the last week and today the challenge is three miles.  Thursday and Friday it is five miles.  We'll see how that goes.    Three miles is equal to forty-five minutes. It averages about fifteen minutes a mile. It works. Give it a try.

You can find her here:
Leslie Sansone

Or give it a try walk a mile:
1 Mile Happy Walk

Check out MasterClass  Just scroll down and browse the many classes.

(I receive no monetary gain from this post.)

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