Friday, February 2, 2018

Master Class

It's Ground Hog Day and he woke up to see his shadow and then scurried back into his hole. Looks like another 6 weeks of winter.  

Life has been really busy and life always has a way of encroaching on the empty spaces in my life especially when I want to avoid writing.  Seems like I am hiding from writing.  I am so tired of looking for reasons for not writing and trying to figure out why I continually obsess and whine over it.

I have been reading a lot about "Master Class". An advertisement seems to pop up here and there while surfing the net. Intrigued, I decided I would take Judy Blume's writing class.  After all it is Ground Hog Day and I have six more freezing, slippery, snowy weeks ahead.  Wondering how I would keep myself committed as I wind my way through the class, I decided it might be fun to document the journey here.  (no, I am not getting paid)

Here is a link to Master Class if you want to check it out.  Browse Classes and watch videos of the artists talking about their classes

Go here to see Judy Blume
The Ground Hog has spoken.  Check it out here

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