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MasterClass Assignment - Letter from Character

Checked in a the "Hub" and was surprised to find it was a bit more organized then the other day.  Actually, for the first time I found the place to post the assignment right away.  Didn't have time to look around accept at some post for this class.  However, with a more organized "Hub", I just might be able to look around.  Really helps with you are not sifting through things that are set up at random.  I am pleased as some times I just want to post and move on to something else not spend an hour sorting through posts that don't apply.  And, sometimes I might want to scroll through other work and comment. I did some of that today.

I just finished my assignment for lesson 11 and 12.  We were suppose to write a letter from one of our characters. This is just an activity in creative writing which could be  helpful in moving one along with something already started.   I chose my character Maree and here is what I wrote:

Assignment lesson 10 and 11- Letter from Character
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 Hello there:  Have I finally got your attention?  I’ve been nudging you for years and wondering why you abandoned me.  It’s not that I am ungrateful—I am very grateful.  You brought me to life and, out of the many places you could have walked away, you choose to leave me in the most beautiful place.   From this hollowed out ledge high above the sea, I have felt the presence of ancestors as I’ve watched the movement of time.   With the tides coming and going, I have watched the rising of the Moon as it gives light to the night sky.  I have watched that blue-black sky fade to apricot and rose as the sun births a new day.  I have watch as that sun claims its rightful place to spread a golden light that glistens and floats with the rise and fall of the sea.  And, there has been the gift of life all around me.  Water sprouts upward like a great fountain as a dark oblong body of a whale swims by and huge schools of fish pass like flocks of birds.  Puffins, with bright orange beaks and feet, nest in crevices along the cliffs close by.  I have watched each season come and go spreading its own light and darkness.  For all of this I am grateful but now it’s time to move on. Today the granite is cold and damp and I feel like I am disappearing.   You wrote me here to understand who I am and what brought me to this place.  Now you must tell my story.  Don’t even begin to tell me you don’t know my story because you don’t and you won’t until you begin.  You will only know my story through the tips of your fingers.  And, I promise you—you won’t be disappointed.  
Your favorite Character.

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