Monday, March 4, 2019

A Year with Purpose

This year I decided that I would not just survive but I would thrive. I realized that I was raised with the philosophy that there is always just enough money, no extra but always enough. That philosophy  has been true for me but it doesn't work any more as now I would like a little extra.  So, I signed up for a course through Daily OM.  The course is titled “A Year To Get Rich With Purpose.” Edward Vilga is the originator of the course.  He is a yoga teacher and has been described as “the  hip, yogic version of Suze Orman, only funnier.”  

You can find him online (link on the bottom) and his book, which I enjoyed reading, Yoga of Money Manifesto on Amazon.  The course built around a metaphysical mindset, is holistic, meditative and a spiritual approach to money.  Included are great meditations scattered throughout the course.  The background music is perfect and he has a soothing voice that is perfectly paced for a meditation.   

I began the course around the first of November and when the New Year was upon us the comment section became flooded with newcomers who began laying out all their money fears.  Reading there comments didn't work for me so I began looking through the comments for inspiration from those who are at the end.  It seems that those who stayed with the program actually gained a new prospective about their financial life.  I believe you will probably have to change how you think about money and your own self-worth before the world around you can change.  Actually, I am really enjoying this course. The lessons are subtle and slow and appear to be effective at a deep level of consciousness. It is interesting that every time I have a question or a thought about the course, I am surprised to find it addressed in the next lesson.  

Through this course I have come to realize that I never really wanted anything for myself.  How is that possible? But, I haven’t, not really.  I just go with the flow.  Somewhere along the way I developed a Taoist way of thinking and go the path of least resistance.  I have had what I would now classify as wishes, but not really dreams or goals that I set my mind to achieving.  I would rather watch and listen and help people find meaning in their lives. It seems my life has been a study in human nature.   I bring this up because the lessons are now asking that I begin to think about transforming a dream into a goal and how do I feel about making it measurable.  Now I am suppose  to stretch, reach, strive to make the impossible possible. Well, I feel wishy washy about it and I am not sure I’m capable really.  For one thing, it means I can’t hide and that I must take responsibility for the dream and for the result of it’s creation.  That could lead me out of safety and into uncharted waters.  Can I do that or will I be drawn back into shallow waters?

There is a quote at the beginning of my current lesson that really lays it out.  “All my life I wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific.” ~~Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner.  All my life I wanted to be a writer but what that means is that I need to send out what I write.   So I hide here. It's like--if you find me that’s fine, if not that’s fine too. 

So what does it mean to me to thrive.  It means that I need to step out of my comfort zone.  It means I probably should be more social.  Well, we shall see how that works for me.  In the meantime, I will  post on how the course is going.  

Do check it out. You might be inspired as well.
A Year to get Rich with Purpose ~ Edward Vilga
The Yoga of Money Manifesto: A Radical New Way to Connect Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Bank Account ~Edward Vilga

(by the way, writing here satisfies my need to keep writing - if you buy the Course or the book I reap no reward :))

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