"Since the moment I could hold a pencil, I have spent nearly all day every day writing.  And there is not an age group that I have not written for.  You can read me from birth 'til death." ~~ Kate Forsyth

"My life is storytelling.  I believe in stories, in their incredible power to keep people alive, to keep the living alive, and the dead." ~~ Tom O'Brian

Stone Cairns are guide stones, landmarks that say I was here, piles of stones to mark a grave and some guide the way.  I collect stones, those that call out to me, like the ax head that washed ashore on the coast or the arrow point that I found at the edge of a parking lot.  

These stones are everywhere left by those who came before us and passed by every day by those who aren't looking. To me each stone holds a story about the person who shaped the stone.  Placed one on top of the other, stones become cairns, guide posts to show us our way.  

We are a compilation of stories--one on top of the other--guiding us forward, showing us the way home.  Like stones, stories are left behind for fellow travelers. We are our stories and our stories need to be told and they need to be witnessed.  

Here are some stories, about nothing really, just rambling, collected here and like stones, one on top of the other.  I hope they encourage you to tell your stories--your legacy to leave behind for those who follow. 

"We will be know by the tracks we leave." ~~ Dakota Proverb 

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